reconstruction of Australian tropical megafauna

Jurassic Giants

The Jurassic Period (201 - 145 million years ago)

Dinosaurs had become the dominant life form during the Jurassic period. They left footprints and rarely fossilised bones. Giant amphibians and freshwater plesiosaurs inhabited the lakes and swamps. Thick forests covered much of eastern Australia at the time.

The Jurassic Period was a time of stability in Australia. The rock layers of the continent sagged across much of the outback which saw the development of huge river and lake systems across central and southern Queensland.

Coal swamps grew in many parts of Queensland and are now mined for coal and coal seam gas. The climate was moderate, supporting lush forests of conifers, tree ferns, cycads, and other primitive plants. Many of these are preserved as petrified wood which are highly prized by fossil and gem collectors.