artisan Ramli holding a design he has drawn that reads Friends, Romans, Countrymen in gothic lettering

Calligraphy Intermediate

Saturday 3 August

9am – 4pm


Closed-in shoes. Please bring a water bottle.


Calligraphy Beginner

Recommended 16 years and over 

Queensland Museum Cobb+Co


Bookings required

Fall in love with the romance of medieval hang as you perfect the unique style of the classic Blackletter Script with calligrapher Ramli Salehkon.

Participants will be guided on the correct way of writing blackletter including the correct finger, wrist and arm movements ('the whole arm technique') to get the unique blackletter 'picket fences' straight and the beautiful curves perfected. Various forms of writing the Gothic capitals will be demonstrated with flourishes and swashes and participants will be guided and corrected on their strokes and finishing touches. Writing, drawing and decorating Lombardic Capitals will be demonstrated, and participants will be guided on how to illustrate them.

Create your favourite letters, slogans and quotes with swashes and flourishes on plain or coloured A4 or A3 size papers suitable for display.

Pilot Parallel pens with 6 mm nibs, papers, markers and ink cartridges will be provided for you to take home, as well as a folder with materials and instructions with your name written in blackletter by Ramli.

Meet your tutor

Ramli Salehkon started calligraphy in the 1980's and over the years has been practising and teaching Gothic Textura Quadrata to students and adults. He is a member of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators, London, United Kingdom.

All our Hands-on Workshops have a limited number of participants to ensure you receive all the assistance and direction you require.

Spectators are welcome at all workshops.

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