Memoirs of the Queensland Museum volumes

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum | NATURE
[ISSN 0079-8835 (print), ISSN 2204-1478 (online), ERA Journal ID 2098]

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum | CULTURE
[ISSN 2205-3220 (print), ISSN 2205-3239 (online), ERA Journal ID 38466]

Established in 1912 to communicate regional natural history research, Memoirs of the Queensland Museum remains one of Australia's leading natural history journals.

With over 40,000 pages and 1,800 contributing authors, the Memoirs have published over 2,100 peer-reviewed articles and Notes, including the descriptions of approximately 5,500 new species, and has documented the evidence of adaptation and resilience of Queensland's natural and cultural communities in the face of rapid environmental and technological changes.

Both series are recognised as Excellence for Research in Australia (ERA) Journals that are scholarly, peer-reviewed by experts in their field and registered with ISSNs.


Over 17,000 other authors from around the world have published citations to articles in the Memoirs, spanning the broad range of natural and cultural heritage topics. See who's citing our papers by following the link to Google Scholar Citations. The content found by using these links is not created, controlled or approved by Queensland Museum. No responsibility is taken for the consequences of viewing content on this site.

Our publications are sent on exchange or by subscription across the world. Individual articles published in the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum are available online from Volume 48 onwards (Nature series) and all Culture series Volumes. Back issues of Memoirs Volumes 1-47 – including articles for both natural and cultural heritage content – are available through the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Researchers interested in publishing in the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum can download a copy of our Guide for Authors. Researchers covering natural history, palaeontology and geology can submit their manuscripts for consideration in Nature volumes, and researchers addressing humanities, First Nations content, archaeological and anthropological research, historical research and contemporary studies will be considered for volumes of Culture. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor in Chief (Executive Director, Collections, Research & Exhibitions).

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Institutions wishing to have their work published through Queensland Museum will be required to contribute to the costs of publication.

Technical Reports of the Queensland Museum (ISSN 1837-6568) are available only online in a ‘read only’ format. These Reports may include supplementary data or reproductions (or revisions) of documents that were originally compiled to advise industry, government or academia on specific scientific issues. They are published to ensure that the scientific and technical data they contain are not lost within the vast unpublished scientific ’grey literature’.

Hard copies of some of the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum are available through the Museum Shop. Online purchases of hard copies will be available soon.

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If you can’t find a particular paper, after searching our Earlier issues page, please contact our Research Library for further assistance.

Authors wishing to reproduce images from Memoirs will need to contact the Editor in Chief.

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