Close up image of woven basket on display Queensland Museum's Discovery Centre exhibition

First Nations Initiatives & Programs

Torres Strait Islander performers at a Backing Indigenous Arts event held in 2018

Vision statement

Queensland Museum acknowledges that we have been working on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land since we began in 1862. As an organisation, Queensland Museum understands the important contribution Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders have made and will continue to make in protecting, preserving and exhibiting the collections in our care. We are committed to the process of reconciliation and recognise this will be a period of listening, reflection and change.

Close up image of First Nations shields

Purpose statement

Queensland Museum commits to ensuring representation and respectfully showcasing the contributions and stories of Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders through our research, exhibitions and programming. Queensland Museum is a place of research, collections and stories, and our journey of reconciliation will ensure that inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities forms an integral part of what we do.


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Bark painting of kangaroo

Painting on bark from Hopevale. Artist unknown. Image: Queensland Museum.

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