Connections across the coral sea exhibition

Connections across the Coral Sea virtual tour

Explore Connections across the Coral Sea from anywhere in the world with our virtual tour. Navigate around the exhibition to uncover stories, objects, videos and more.

Connections across the Coral Sea reveals the latest archaeological research surrounding the earliest movements and trade between the seafaring cultures of Papua New Guinea, Torres Strait, and the northeast coast of Queensland.

Captured virtually to share the legacy of these vibrant societies, embark on an engaging virtual tour that takes you back to a time when humankind knew no borders and cultures harmoniously shared objects and ideas.

Navigate through the exhibition to uncover enduring artifacts that showcase the customs and talent of the ancient Pacific artisans who created them. Explore the rich relationships of ancient First Nations communities that thrived across the Coral Sea. Discover their trade networks, customs, and connections that shaped their vibrant societies.

Experience the fascinating blend of modern research and technology used to piece together the puzzle of a thriving cultural movement that has spanned the test of time through this enlightening virtual journey.

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