Key people

Board of the Queensland Museum

The Board of the Queensland Museum is a statutory authority, established under the Queensland Museum Act 1970. The Board is responsible for the good management of Queensland Museum Network. Members are appointed by the Governor-in-Council on the recommendation of the Minister for the Arts.

Professor Margaret Sheil AO
Professor Margaret Sheil AO


Catherine Taylor
Ms Catherine Taylor

Deputy Chair

Shaun Ewen
Professor Shaun Ewen


Janine Griffiths
Ms Janine Griffiths


Valmay Hill
Ms Valmay Hill


Kyl Murphy
Kyl Murphy


Jenny Parker
Ms Jennifer Parker


Harry Van Issum
Dr Harry Van Issum


Queensland Museum Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultative Committee

The Queensland Museum Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultative Committee provides cultural leadership and guidance to the Board and Executive Leadership Team.

Dr Harry van Issum

Ms Rhonda Appo
Ms Nancy Bamaga
Ms Nareeta Davis
Associate Professor Henrietta Marrie AM
Cr Phillemon Mosby
Mr Dion Tatow
Ms Louisa Warren

Executive Leadership Team

Dr Jim Thompson
Dr Jim Thompson BSc(Hons), MResSc, PhD, GCELead, PSM

Chief Executive Officer

Debbie Draper
Ms Debbie Draper BBus, CPA

Executive Director, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer

Peter Denham
Mr Peter Denham MA, BBus, PDip, GDipArts, CF

Executive Director, Collections, Research and Exhibitions

Renai Grace
Ms Renai Grace BA

Executive Director, Museums and Engagement

Bianca Beetson
Dr Bianca Beetson DVA, NAVA (Hons)

Director, First Nations

Organisational information

More information about the organisational structure and management of Queensland Museum Network can be found in our annual reports.

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