Queensland Museum - Basket (maker unknown) purchased from King Billy of Sandgate, Queensland circa 1900

First Nations Strategy

Queensland Museum’s First Nations Strategy represents an organisation-wide commitment to ensuring the vibrant living culture and history of First Nations peoples’ stories, perspectives, and heritage are authentically represented, celebrated and shared.  

As Queensland’s state museum, it is our responsibility to help raise awareness of the social, political and historical issues affecting First Nations peoples.  In fostering and encouraging meaningful and respectful engagement in all we do and share, the Museum serves to promote the process of truth-telling about our State’s shared history.  

Our First Nations Strategy underpins the Museum’s vision and purpose as a social anchor - building community awareness, and presenting authentic, inspiring stories that sets the scene in Queensland for reflection, truth-telling and celebration.  The Strategy provides an overarching four-year framework that defines how we will reframe our previous colonial relationship with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples into an active, reflective and progressive pathway forward.  

Our First Nations Strategy will facilitate mechanisms within and external to our museums to embed and celebrate the richness and diversity of First Nations peoples and a culture that has lived on this Country for over 60,000 years.  

By actively and authentically engaging with First Nations peoples, valuing their knowledge and fostering inclusivity, our museums will serve as platforms for dialogue, healing, and cultural exchange within Queensland while actively supporting the amplification of First Nations voices.

This amplification and embedding of First Nations voices may be challenging to hear and engage with but we recognise it is a vital component in our integrity as Queensland’s Keeping Place of Ancestral Remains, Secret and Sacred Objects and cultural heritage materials.  

Through our First Nations Strategy, we commit to being self-reflective about the past and to changing our actions into the future. As a result, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive, equitable and positive legacy for generations to come. 

First Nations Strategy