Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan artwork by Dylan Sarra

Reconciliation Action Plan

Queensland Museum recognises Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first scientists, storytellers, traders and diplomats of Queensland.

We have engaged with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities since our inception in 1862. 

We take great pride in the many relationships forged with First Nations communities across the globe. We are humbled by the trust instilled in us as a keeping place of Ancestral Remains, Secret Sacred items and cultural heritage belonging to First Nations peoples. 

Reconciliation is arguably the most critical social issue of our time.

As the state museum of Queensland, and a recognised “Queensland Great”, we have a responsibility to listen to public discourse, showcase different perspectives and ignite respectful, challenging discussions. We also have a moral obligation to tell our own truth and address legacies of racism, inequality and discrimination within our organisation.

Now, with the foundations established from successful completion of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Queensland Museum is ready to take the next step.

We embark on our Innovate RAP fuelled by a passion for the truth and optimism for a future without racism and prejudice. Our Innovate RAP is the result of honest collaboration and partnership. Thank you to Reconciliation Australia, our First Nations community stakeholders, employees and volunteers for so generously giving their time, knowledge and insight. While our journey will be challenging, the way is clear because of this guidance.

Reconciliation is both an urgent national concern and a deeply personal journey. No two paths are the same. It is our genuine hope that by completing the actions described in this document we will give individuals and organisations alike the courage to take that first step, or the determination to continue with their own reconciliation journeys.

The story of this land and its Traditional Custodians pre-dates colonial history. The future is unwritten. With this Innovate RAP, Queensland Museum has the power to create that narrative, to lead by example and to leave a positive legacy for the next generation.

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