Blacksmithing teens workshop

Blacksmithing Teens

Wednesday 28 June (sold out)
Wednesday 5 July

Morning session: 9am – 12pm 
Afternoon session: 1pm – 4pm 


Closed-in boots (or steel-capped), long trousers and long sleeves. Please bring a water bottle.

Participants must be 13 – 17 years

Cobb+Co Museum


Includes materials and tuition.

Join Australian Champion Blacksmith Terry Drennan for a lesson in the custom-built blacksmithing shop. Learn techniques such as drawing, upsetting, squaring, rounding, forge welding, riveting and barley twisting.

28 June

Designed for teens aged 13-17 years old, in this three-hour workshop you can create a snake (9am) or a Viking bracelet (1pm).

5 July

Designed for teens aged 13-17 years old, in this three-hour workshop you can create a letter opener (9am) or a candle holder (1pm).

Meet your tutor

Terry Drennan began training as a blacksmith and farrier in Melbourne when he was 21 years old. He has won the Australian champion in blacksmithing and farriery on many occasions. At the same time, Terry never lost the skills and enthusiasm for the other traditional facets of his trade such as making decorative gates and furniture. He has been teaching blacksmithing courses at Cobb+Co Museum for around 20 years.

All our Hands-on Workshops have a limited number of participants to ensure you receive all the assistance and direction you require.

Spectators are welcome at all workshops.

Terms and Conditions

Metalsmithing workshop
Metalsmithing Teens

Create a pair of earrings, ring, necklace or key chain in this three-hour workshop designed for teenagers.

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