Three students play with old telephone objects

Travelling Back in Time

Monday to Friday during school term

Year 5 & 9

HASS - History | History - Depth Study 1 & Depth Study 2

Facilitated by museum staff

60 minutes

Queensland Museum Cobb+Co, Toowoomba


Gold coin donation per local student
$7 per non-local student
30 students per session (two groups can run concurrently)

Book in for our facilitated school program Travelling Back in Time where students use primary and secondary sources to explore colonial life in Australia.

Program overview

In this facilitated school program, students interact with objects and listen to stores to discover how people lived in Australia in the past and how life has changed over the last 100 years.

Introductory activity
A Cobb+Co staff member will introduce students to a large variety of objects and photographs that reflect life in colonial Australia and discuss how groups of people, such as free settlers, lived and worked during this time.

Gallery activity
Students will explore the museum’s galleries to investigate how groups of people lived in Australia’s colonial past by examining a range of primary and secondary sources. They will participate in interactive activities to develop their skills in object and photographic interpretation to identify the main features of housing, sanitation, transport, education and living and working conditions. Students may play olden day games and role play in the Coach Stop interactive play area. Teachers will be required to direct this activity.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • investigate how groups of people lived in Australia in the past by interpreting objects and photographs, and listening to the stories of twelve individuals who lived and worked during this time using the character pods in the National Carriage Collection
  • understand the importance of museums and their collections
  • understand that objects help us remember stories from the past and tell the stories of the present
  • analyse a variety of primary and secondary sources to learn more about colonial Australia
  • use a range of communication skills to express ideas.

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