Girl with echidna

Megafauna to Minibeasts

Monday to Friday during school term

Prep – 6

Science - Biological Sciences

Facilitated by museum staff

60 minutes

Queensland Museum Cobb+Co, Toowoomba


Gold coin donation per local student
$7 per non-local student
30 students per session (two groups can run concurrently)

Book in for our facilitated school program Megafauna to Minibeasts where students explore Queensland's unique biodiversity.

Program overview

In this facilitated school program, students get up close and personal with a variety of animals, the cuddly and not so cuddly, and discover the megafauna that once roamed the Darling Downs.

Introductory activity
A Cobb+Co staff member will use hands-on specimens to introduce students to Queensland's unique biodiversity and provide an example of biological classification.

Gallery activity
Students will explore the specimens and displays in Megafauna and the Inquiry Centre. Students interact with specimens and participate in animal classification activities, and share their findings about animals and their ability to survive in their environments. Teachers will be required to direct this activity.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • compare the giant reptiles and mammals that once roamed the Darling Downs to their modern day relatives
  • examine the physical characteristics and adaptations of a variety of native Queensland mammals, reptiles, fish, birds and insects
  • classify a variety of species using their physical characteristics
  • investigate the interactions between organisms in terms of food chains and food webs, and examine the effects of human activity on these interactions
  • investigate threats to the survival of species and why some have become endangered or extinct
  • use a range of communication skills to express ideas.

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