Megafauna Diorama

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Megafauna Diorama

Step back in time to 40,000 years ago in ancient Queensland, when supersized creatures roamed the land and inhabited inland rivers and lakes. Create your own billabong scene with four of Queensland’s iconic extinct megafauna including:

  • Megalania (the world’s largest land-dwelling lizard)
  • Pallimnarchus (a giant extinct freshwater crocodile)
  • Macropus (the world’s tallest kangaroo)
  • Diprotodon (a 2.5 tonne marsupial)

Download and print your own DIY diorama, and curate your own scene from the past.

Supported by Project DIG, a partnership between Queensland Museum, BHP and BMA to transform how we store, explore and share our collections and research with communities worldwide.

Image: Life and death in tropical Australia 40,000 years ago. Ryan Bargiel, Vlad Konstantinov, Andrey Atuchin, Scott Hocknull. © QM 2020. 

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