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Push It, Pull It, Move It

Monday to Thursday during school term
Weeks 2 – 9

Prep – Year 4

Science - Physical and Chemical Sciences | Technologies - Design & Technologies | Mathematics

Facilitated by museum staff

There are three components, allow 30 minutes per component.

Queensland Museum Rail Workshops, Ipswich


$6 per student
Minimum 10 students

Book in for our facilitated school program Push It, Pull It, Move It where students investigate forces and motion in a rail context.

Program overview

In this facilitated school program, students investigate push and pull forces and motion in rail-related contexts. There are four components to this program:

  1. An interactive presentation led by a museum staff member. Students identify and interpret forces in the railways using object and images from the collection. (30 minutes)
  2. A special Maker Space challenge, where students design and build a device that picks something up and moves it… without using their hands! (30 minutes)
  3. Hands-on exploration and investigation of forces in the railways and other contexts in our interactive Sciencentre. (30 minutes)
  4. A self-guided ‘scavenger hunt’ that will encourage students to think critically while exploring objects to identify and describe push and pull forces and motion.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • develop an understanding of push and pull forces and how they can be applied to real-life scenarios and design solutions
  • understand how push and pull forces can affect the movement of an object and how the shape and size of an object can impact its motion
  • identify energy sources and transfer in locomotives and how these have changed over time
  • observe, interpret and identify familiar and unfamiliar objects
  • create solutions to design challenges using the design process
  • recognise the role of design and technology in finding solutions to real-life problems.

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