black and white photo inside the boiler shop at the Ipswich Railway Workshops with a man operating one of the machines

The Industrial Revolution: The Ipswich Railway Workshops

Monday to Thursday during school term
Weeks 2 – 9

Year 9

History -The Industrial Revolution

Facilitated by museum staff

Allow 1 hour per session. A short reset period between programs will be rostered for large groups.

Queensland Museum Rail Workshops, Ipswich


$6 per student
Minimum 10 students

Book in for our facilitated school program The Industrial Revolution: The Ipswich Railway Workshops, where students will investigate evidence of the industrial revolution at the Ipswich Railway Workshops.

Program overview

The industrial revolution has made our current way of life possible, through the creation of new technologies and changes to social structures. Today, the Ipswich Railway Workshops stand as a testament to this significant historical period.

Students will explore some key concepts brought about by the industrial revolution, such as factories, and the concept of mass production. How does the Ipswich Railway Workshops represent mass production, and what evidence can be found of the industrial revolution in the objects contained within the museum? Students will engage with these key questions, and others in this 60 minute facilitated program.

The program consists of a 30 minute guided tour of Queensland Museum Rail Workshops, looking for key signs and evidence of mass production and the concept of the factory in the museum collection and a 30 minute facilitated investigation where students critically examine museum objects and images, identifying their historical value relating to the industrial revolution.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • Develop an understanding of the Industrial Revolution and its key concepts relating to production and materials, such as the creating of the Factory and Mass Production.
  • Identify key features of museum objects, displays, building and construction architecture that represents evidence of large-scale industrial mass production.
  • Critically analyse historical sources as evidence of the Industrial Revolution using a variety of primary and secondary sources.

Session Details

  • Program led by museum staff
  • A 30 minute interactive walking tour is part of this program
  • $6.00 per student
  • Minimum 10 students

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