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Then & Now: Investigating Yesteryear, Today

Monday to Thursday during school term
Weeks 2 – 9

Years 2 & 3

HASS - History & Geography | Technologies - Design & Technologies

Facilitated by museum staff

Allow 45 minutes per session, rotations for large group will be hourly to include reset period.

Queensland Museum Rail Workshops, Ipswich


$6 per student
Minimum 10 students

Book in for our facilitated school program Then & Now: Investigating Yesteryear, Today where students explore how our daily lives have changed and remained the same over time.

Program overview

Life for families in Queensland’s past looked different from today. This facilitated school program explores how technology has changed over time and how life in 'the olden days' may have looked to a child 100 years ago. This program references historical artefact collections in the context of a family who lived in Ipswich in 1910. Students interpret the past and present using stories, images and objects within the historical backdrop of the former Ipswich Railway Workshops.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • engage in guided discussions about a child in early Ipswich, using landmarks, photos and objects to tell their story
  • examine lifestyles, make connections and draw comparisons between people and places, past and present
  • observe, interpret and identify familiar and unfamiliar objects and places
  • understand how a range of sources can provide historical evidence.

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