Eungella: Land of Clouds


Eungella, in the hinterland of Mackay, lies within the longest continuous stretch of rainforest in Australia outside the Wet Tropics of north Queensland. While perhaps less familiar to tourists than rainforests further north, or those in the Border Ranges of Queensland and New South Wales, the Eungella rainforests have long been fascinating to scientists for their high biodiversity and endemic species.

This richly illustrated publication, featuring more than 400 full-colour photographs, is the first comprehensive book on the region for general readers. More than 30 authors — experts in their respective fields of botany, zoology, geology, geography, ecology, history and anthropology — have contributed their research to broaden our understanding of what makes Eungella unique, and worthy of further scientific study. It also explores the vulnerability of rainforest ecosystems in a changing climate, and the threats posed by cyclones, fire and species decline.

A landmark publication for Queensland Museum, published in partnership with Mackay Regional Council, Eungella: Land of Clouds celebrates the landscape, flora, fauna and human history of this stunning part of Queensland.

Winner of a 2022 Whitley Award in the category Regional Natural History.

Publication details

ISBN: 978 0 6488005 3 8
Paperback, 250 x 210 mm (portrait), full colour, 256pp
Date of publication: July 2021
Contributing authors: Andrew Amey, Louise Ashton, Dale Arvidsson, Andrew Baker, Chris Burwell, Irene Champion, Patrick Couper, Greg Czechura, Peter Davie, Dale Dixon, Nigel Fechner, Andrew Franks, Conrad Hoskin, Heather Janetzki, Jeff Johnson, Roger Kitching, Christine Lambkin, Elliot Leach, Daniel Leo, Bill McDonald, Marissa McNamara, Geoff Monteith, Clive Moore, Akihiro Nakamura, Erica Odell, Paul Oliver, Grant Paterson, Lindsay Popple, Darryl Potter, Michael Rix, John Stanisic, Günther Theischinger, Steve Turton, Warwick Willmott

Eungella Land of the Clouds book cover

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