This is My Heritage


‘This exhibition catalogue is a celebration of Indigenous culture as told through the personal recollections of 12 outstanding “story-tellers”, all of whom are committed to passing on their knowledge to the next generation. Captured in photographs and on film, their emotive personal stories focus on 12 different objects, each carefully selected from the collections of the Queensland Museum, for their powerful links to people, place and experience.

The stories in This is My Heritage reflect on the tangible, core themes of connection to family and to country. They also acknowledge the unique techniques used to craft some of the artefacts and signpost historical and political milestones in Queensland Indigenous history.

In our own way, each of us gathers mementos and keepsakes around us as we remember our past and look towards our future. Our collective stories and memories guide us to tell our own personal narratives with strength and conviction.’

— Michael Aird and Mandana Mapar, exhibition curators

Featuring Roxanne McDonald, Joe Skeen, Chenoa Deemal, Ryan Presley, Chantal Henley, Jo-Anne Driessens, Honor Cleary, Darren Brady, Bianca Beetson, Laurie Nilsen, Rhianna Patrick and Leonard Donoghue

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ISBN: 978 0 9872681 6 7
Paperback, 240 x 200 mm (portrait), full colour, 32pp
Date of publication: 2015, for the exhibition This is My Heritage
Published by Queensland Museum with support from the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

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