Wild State: Celebrating Queensland’s unique animals and their habitats


Queensland is home to an extraordinary mix of native plants and animals. Some are little changed from those that once inhabited Australia’s lush prehistoric forests and wetlands, while others have successfully adapted to the unpredictable and extreme conditions that now prevail over much of the Australian continent. Beyond the coast lie the extraordinary diversity of the Great Barrier Reef and the great oceanic expanses of the Pacific Ocean. Together, these make up our Wild State.

Wild State is a companion publication to the permanent Wild State gallery at Queensland Museum’s South Bank campus.

Publication details

ISBN: 978 0 9872681 7 4
Paperback, 250 x 210 mm (portrait), full colour, 80pp
Date of publication: 2016
Contributing authors: Robert Adlard, Andrew Amey, Mal Bryant, Chris Burwell, Patrick Couper, Peter Davie, Merrick Ekins, John Healy, John Hooper, Heather Janetzki, Jeff Johnson, Christine Lambkin, Darryl Potter, Robert Raven, Owen Seaman, Jessica Worthington Wilmer, Susan Wright

Wild State book cover

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