Wildlife of Greater Brisbane


The Greater Brisbane Region is one of Australia’s richest natural environments, supporting a remarkable diversity of wildlife across a wide range of habitats. South-east Queensland is home to an astonishing variety of wild creatures — large and small, seen and unseen, common and rare — that share our backyards, parks, bushland and waterways. From biting ants to brilliantly coloured birds, sun-loving lizards and tiny marsupial mice, our native animals are impossible to avoid.

Twenty-five years after it was first published, this third edition of one of Australia’s most successful wildlife guides features full-colour photography and updated information on more than 1000 species, describing the animals most likely to be encountered by residents and naturalists alike. Wildlife of Greater Brisbane is an essential handbook for anyone who cares about our wildlife.

Publication details

ISBN: 978 0 6488005 0 7 (3rd edition)
Paperback, 210 x 148 mm (portrait), full colour, 448pp
Date of publication: August 2020 (first edition 1995; second edition 2007)
Contributing authors: Robert Adlard, Andrew Amey, Mal Bryant, Chris Burwell, Lester Cannon, Patrick Couper, Jeanette Covacevich, Greg Czechura, Peter Davie, Greg Ford, Les Hall, Heather Janetzki, Jeff Johnson, Christine Lambkin, Phil Lawless, Colin Limpus, Marissa McNamara, Geoff Monteith, Paul Oliver, Brenton Peters, Darryl Potter, Robert Raven, Michael Rix, Andrew Rozefelds, Owen Seeman, John Stanisic, Steve Van Dyck, Ian Venables, Melanie Venz, Steve Wilson, Leigh Winsor, Jessica Worthington Wilmer, Susan Wright

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