Wildlife of Tropical North Queensland


A place of unparalleled native beauty, Tropical North Queensland is home to some of our most fascinating creatures. This region has the highest biodiversity of any part of Australia, and each year thousands of visitors are drawn to the state’s lush, tropical north to experience the lure of its spectacular landscapes and astonishing wildlife. More than half of Australia’s butterflies are found here, for example, as well as an abundance of native mammals, reptiles and colourful birds across a wide range of habitats, including pristine rainforests, mist-covered mountains, fire-adapted eucalypt forests and coastal mangroves.

This new edition of Wildlife of Tropical North Queensland, first published twenty years ago, is a comprehensive guide to the animals of the region. Featuring full-colour photography and updated information on more than 850 species, it covers the area east of the Great Dividing Range between Cooktown and Mackay (including Cairns and Townsville) and is an essential handbook for anyone wanting to discover the beauty and diversity of Queensland’s wildlife for themselves.

Publication details

ISBN: 978 0 6488005 1 4 (2nd edition)
Paperback, 210 x 148 mm (portrait), full colour, 400pp
Date of publication: September 2020 (first edition 2000)
Contributing authors: Andrew Amey, Chris Burwell, John Cann, Lester Cannon, Patrick Couper, Jeanette Covacevich, Greg Czechura, Peter Davie, Merrick Ekins, Greg Ford, Les Hall, John Hooper, Conrad Hoskin, Heather Janetzki, Jeff Johnson, Peter Johnson, Christine Lambkin, Phil Lawless, Colin Limpus, Helene Marsh, Keith McDonald, Marissa McNamara, Geoff Monteith, Paul Oliver, Darryl Potter, Anthony Preen, Robert Raven, Greg Richards, Michael Rix, Andrew Rozefelds, Martin Schulz, Owen Seeman, John Stanisic, Ian Venables, Melanie Venz, Leigh Winsor

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