Jennifer Aveross

Ops Readiness & Assurance Lead (Arrow Energy)
Operational Readiness in Energy Projects

Jennifer Aveross


I am a Chemical Engineer, working in Operational Readiness. This means I help projects transition new or upgraded equipment into Operations teams. I help create the procedures, maintenance and engineering requirements, and ensure teams are trained in how to operate the equipment. I then support the handover, ensuring the process is smooth, all safety checks are completed in the start up, and the Operations team can safely and effectively operate.


The work I do benefits Queensland, as I work in Energy, and in ensuring that new and upgraded equipment can safely be handed over from Projects to Operations Teams. By enabling our energy industry to expand through new project work being handed over to operations teams, the work we do helps our state continue to provide energy both domestically, and internationally. 
Operational Readiness also directly helps improve the safety of Operations, as we make sure the procedures, maintenance and engineering requirements are in place for the new and upgraded equipment, as well as possibly the most important part, the training. By ensuring our people are trained in operating the equipment, we help make sure our people go home safely.  

Role Model

Growing up, I was always interested in Maths – I loved it. I worked hard at school, and attended the National Maths Science School, and National Youth Science Forum. I knew I wanted to do something technical, and yet I had no idea what.. and at school the professionals who came to speak to us about career opportunities included accountants, lawyers, teachers… never anything STEM related. 
I believe I am a good role model for young girls aspiring to work in STEM, as I was them.. and I want to share with them what a potential career in STEM can look like, and all the amazing opportunities available to girls with technical brains, those who love maths like I did. I have been very lucky in my career, I have jumped at opportunities, and have worked with some great people, in amazing places and on really interesting projects. I enjoy sharing my career path, and also genuinely enjoy speaking and connecting with young women, keen to work in STEM. 


I’ve been able to promote women in STEM in multiple forums during my 10 years in engineering, and believe you can positively engage women and girls at each stage of their careers. 
- School: I’ve worked with QMEA (Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy) and SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) to speak to young girls in Junior and High schools about the possibilities of Engineering and specifically my career path (answering any questions they have along the way). 
- University: I’ve participated in UQ’s Women in Engineering Mentoring program, as well as attended several Career Fairs. I think it can be really valuable to connect with professionals while studying at Uni, and enjoy sharing my experience at Vac work / grad work with students. 
- Early Career: At my current workplace I’ve been part of the Graduate Selection committee – working towards inclusive hiring. I’ve also been able to mentor several younger female engineers at previous employers, and advocate for their professional development. 
- Mid-Senior Career: I’ve joined my two latest workplace Diversity and Inclusion Committees, as I believe there’s improvement to be made in the number of mid and senior career women in STEM careers. I’ve worked on initiatives to improve inclusive hiring practices, as well as initiatives to support D&I strategies. 
- More broadly: I’ve been fortunate to be Co-Chair of Engineers Australia Women in Engineering QLD Chapter, as well as the Chair of UQ’s Women in Engineering Alumni Ambassador Council, both last year. Through these wider forums I’ve helped run events, support programs to engage women, and provide forums to discuss key topics. I’m currently enrolled in Engineers Australia’s mentoring program, and looking forward to speaking with several young women in engineering over 2023.


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