Jovanna Nathalie Cervantes Guzman

Doctor in Philosophy (QUT)
Matilda Power

Jovanna Guzman


“Matilda Power” is designed to incentivize the entrepreneurial intention of our target market which is female undergraduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral students, and academics in biotechnology, medical device technology, & regenerative medicine industry, by translating scientific research and patents into viable business opportunities through collaboration between industry and academia, and with this achieve the objective of the financial independence of women, increase the number of entrepreneurship in bio-MedTech, and contribute to the development of the countries. 
The content of the project will be integrated by 4 different programs for the development of all competencies, due to the complexity of the development of each of the aspects, increasing the percentages of completion of the project, to achieve the result that is the development of a bio-MedTech venture: 
1. Gender–sensitive business education
2. Interdisciplinary link
3. Pitch and communication skills
4. Mentorship

This will allow the female gender to have a solid base for the development and management of bio-MedTech ventures, by obtaining knowledge that will result in an increase in the number of women entrepreneurs in the national and international market, creating real value for personal and professional development.



The project has been: 

1.    Participant in Innovation Readiness Program 2022. 5th edition Youth Solutions Program: SDSN Youth is one of the world’s biggest networks of young leaders working together to accelerate solutions towards the Sustainable Development Goals, partners in the UN.  
2.    Finalist in the University Startup World Cup's top 100 impact-based teams from around the world by Venture Cup Denmark.  
3.    Member of Queen Commonwealth Trust Network

List of Conference Presentations

Encourage woman stempreneurship vs women bioempreneurship (2023) Oral Presentation at the BEST 2023 Conference. Brisbane, Australia.

Women entrepreneurship in Bio-MedTech (2023) Oral Presentation at ACERE 2023. Interactive Session at the ACERE Entrepreneurship Educators forum. Brisbane, Australia.

Divergence of women stem-entrepreneurs versus women bio-entrepreneurs (2023) Oral Presentation at ACERE 2023. Doctoral Consortium. Brisbane, Australia.

Women entrepreneurship in biotechnology / medical technology: regenerative medicine industry (2022) Poster Presentation at the CTET Annual Retreat. Noosa, Australia.

Women entrepreneurship in biotechnology, medical devices technology, and regenerative medicine industry (2022) Poster Presentation at the MMPE HDR Symposium. Brisbane, Australia.
Women entrepreneurship in biotechnology, medical devices technology and regenerative medicine industry. CTET Workshop 2023. Torquay Melbourne Australia. 


Role Model

Although I come from a developing country, where support for women in STEM is almost nil, I have managed to generate a revolution and develop innovative programs to incentive entrepreneurship in STEM that have been recognized internationally.
It was thanks to that experience that I was accepted into the team of one of the most internationally recognized scientists Dr. Dietmar Hutmacher. Where I am using my experience as an entrepreneur and academic to develop a program that encourages entrepreneurship of women in Biotechnology, and that already has international recognition in just 1 year of its development. 
I want to encourage the next generation of international students in STEM to come to Australia where there are greater opportunities to generate change and development.


I have experience as a teacher, Ph.D. student, and consultant, working with different disciplines, especially engineering, on different projects: 

As a university professor, I developed a special program for the products of engineering degree, to develop their business perspective. Achievement of international recognition for programs such as:

1. "Santander X Entrepreneurship Educator's (SEE)". Santander X and Oxentia (University of Oxford Global University Consultancy). 
2. Finalist in the category "Future Learning" for "Falling Walls Breakthroughs" 2021 in Berlin
3. Recognition in "Manuel López Cotilla" Award 2021
4. Finalist in the 4th edition of the "Inter-American Prize in Innovative Educational Models in Higher Education" (MEIN-2022 Award)
5. Publication of scientific research articles in journals: Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJEEI) (SCOPUS). And Journal of Human Resources Training. (ECORFAN – CONACYT)

As a student I am the representative of HDR students at QUT, for Women in STEM 2022

As a Ph.D. student of ARC CTET and QUT, I develop the industry's entrepreneurial approach in Biotechnology. 

Why it is important? 
Women in biotechnology and medicine, although they are indispensable, and represent 65% of biomedical scientists, do not have gender equality, only occupy 17% of senior positions, and have a lower salary than the male gender, in addition, is one of the industries that has the lowest number of women entrepreneurs (Motte, 2018). 
The increment in female entrepreneurship should not only focus on increasing the enrolments of female students because the number of women enrolled in the university field of STEM was 35% but only 29% found a business, in contrast, biotechnology women represent 50% of the enrolments but only 10.2% become entrepreneurs (Piva & Rovelli, 2021)
One of the main challenges for women entrepreneurs in Bio-MedTech costs them to bring their product to market, due to the fear of entrepreneurship because of the "Matilda effect" that makes women invisible in science, the focus in their campaign is: "Can you imagine what would have happened if Einstein had been born a woman? We probably wouldn't know who Einstein is today" (Llorente, 2021).  
Women were important for the progress of biotechnology during the pandemic, so it is vitally important to support them in the present to encourage their entrepreneurial intention (Kuschel, et al, 2020).


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