Tracey Iki

Technologies Teacher (Chanel College)
Technologies Teacher

Tracey Iki


This is my 5th year at Chanel College, and when I came to the school, I noticed there needed to be robotics and growth in the Digital Technology area. I introduced Robotics Club and entered into First Lego League. First Lego League is a STEM-based robotics competition enabling students to grow in STEM. Over the last five years, I have grown and developed the program and added more technology and robotics competitions with more students. Over the five years, the teams have won regional and nationally and have completed internationally with robotics.
Last year, with the Head of Technologies' help, I introduced a new subject at school called Digital Design. This allows year nine students to Design in a Digital format. This is where I introduced 3D modelling, VR, coding, engineering building with Lego and the design process. Students have been working with Australian Space Agency and designing products for the moon. During these classes, and Robotics allows students to grow and extend them into different ways students would learn. I'm passionate about learning new technology and passing that on to the students.


All different student at the school benefit.
At lunch, I open the Computer Lab to students wanting to tinker with the computer and grow their technology desire. All students can achieve, and I create a safe environment where students love to come and learn. I have to stand outside my classroom and tell students not to run because they want to attend my classes. Within Robotics Club, I have all different abilities, and there are many inclusive students who love working in my space.
I have introduced Robotics and Digital Design which has allowed the students at Chanel College to be introduced to STEM-related topics. If I didn’t come to the school, the students would have had access to these programs and be learning and growing in these areas. 
Over the last few years, I have had students selected to attend Indigenous STEM camps, Coding Camps and Advance Science Camps. These programs allowed students to grow and foster passions beyond the classroom. I’m a dedicated, passionate teacher who loves to see students grow and thrive. One of my students graduated last year and received a 98% ATAR, and because of my STEM influence, she went on to learn about mechatronics and engineering. There have been many students especially girls I have influenced and encouraged in the STEM field.

Role Model

I'm a positive role model for teenage girls to work in the STEM field. I have dyslexia, which never stopped me from learning and becoming a teacher. I have helped many students achieve their best potential through my challenges. I have inspired many girls to start coding and robotics, leading to many other STEM choices. I help open the door to the STEM world.


The main STEM-related program I engage with is First Lego League. First Lego League is a friendly competition at the heart of Challenge, as teams of students ages 9-16 engage in research, problem-solving, coding and engineering – building and programming a LEGO robot that navigates the missions of a robot game. As part of the Challenge, teams also participate in a research project to identify and solve a relevant real-world problem. 

Part of the First Lego League is building a connection with outside professionals. During the five years, I have helped the students make connections and introduced students to all different types of professionals, such as electrical engineers, environmental engineers, Project Managers, Electrical Instrumentation& Control at Wilmar, physiotherapists, coding experts, design experts and many others that meet the interest of the students. Each year the theme changes, and I introduce the students to the professional in that area. The students' grow and connect with a professional are part of the Robotics Club's aim.


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