Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Nature 61

Thirteen new charopid land snails from mid-eastern Queensland rainforests (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Charopidae)

Holcroft, L. & Stanisic, J.

Published online: 21 December 2018


Holcroft, L. & Stanisic, J. 2018. Thirteen new charopid land snails from mid-eastern Queensland rainforests (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Charopidae). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum-Nature 61: 155-186.


3 September 2018

Published online

21 December 2018

Date published

21 December 2018

Peer reviewed




Gastropoda, Eupulmonata, Charopidae, new genera, new species, mid-eastern Queensland


Thirteen new species of charopid land snail are described from mid-eastern Queensland rainforests. These are assigned to four newly diagnosed genera: Hirsutaropa sarina gen. et sp. nov., Burwellia staceythomsonae gen. et sp. nov., Albiropa microscopica gen. et sp. nov., Eungellaropa crediton gen. et sp. nov. and six existing genera: Lenwebbia marissae sp.nov., Omphaloropa subvaricosa sp. nov., Amfractaropa southpercyensis sp. nov., Comularopa wendyae sp. nov., Isolderopa gloucester sp. nov., Tristanoropa southmolle sp. nov., Tristanoropa summerae sp. nov., Tristanoropa jaxut sp. nov. and Tristanoropa hazelwood sp. nov. An additional six species are recognised formally but not formally described due to poor quality material. New distribution data is presented for Setomedea janae Stanisic, 1990, Discocharopa aperta (Möllendorff, 1888) and Sinployea intensa Iredale, 1941. The latter two represent new records for mid-eastern Queensland. A short discussion on the potential implications of the expanded MEQ charopid fauna for east coast biogeography is presented.

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