Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Nature 65

Molecular phylogeny, classification, and description of new species of Australian Nuridius Sloane, 1890 (Carabidae: Pterostichini)

Will, K.W. & Monteith, G.B.

Published online: 9 May 2024


Will, K.W. & Monteith, G.B. (2024). Molecular phylogeny, classification, and description of new species of Australian Nuridius Sloane, 1890 (Carabidae: Pterostichini). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Nature 65: 47–81.


19 February 2024

Published online

9 May 2024

Peer reviewed




taxonomy, rainforest habitat, burrow-making, egg capsules, brood care, biogeography, Queensland, threatened species.


The genus Nuridius Sloane is revised and expanded to 10 species including its type species Nuridius fortis Sloane, 1890, three newly described species: Nuridius frickei sp. nov., type locality Peases Lookout, Eungella National Park, QLD, Nuridius pluto sp. nov., type locality Jimna State Forest, QLD, and Nuridius darlingtoni sp. nov., type locality Bulburin National Park, QLD, and six species previously included in Nurus Motschulsky that are here combined in Nuridius: Nuridius curtus (Chaudoir, 1865), Nuridius grandis Sloane, 1910, Nuridius nox (Darlington, 1961), Nuridius medius (Darlington, 1961), Nuridius rex (Darlington, 1961), and Nuridius niger (Chaudoir, 1878). Pachymelas Tschitschérine, 1902 is considered a junior synonym of Nuridius. Bayesian analyses of a combined matrix and partitioned matrices of partial sequences from three loci (28S, COI and CAD) found support for Nuridius as a clade separate from Nurus. The comparative study of morphological features allows for recognition of the 10 species and an identification key is provided. Images of habitus and key external features, along with the aedeagus of each species are provided. All species distributions are mapped, and biogeographical implications discussed. Short notes are given on burrow-making and egg deposition into formed, two-part soil capsules by species of both Nurus and Nuridius. Conservation issues are briefly discussed.

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