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Explore the objects that represent Australian South Sea Islander culture held in collections across Queensland.

Queensland Museum holds over 700 objects in our Australian South Sea Islanders Kastom collection that tell the stories of movement of people from islands in the Pacific to Queensland and the personal objects they brought with them. Through the project we are exploring objects connecting South Sea Islander history and identity. We aim to develop an understanding of objects valued by the community that are held in public and private collections locally, interstate and internationally. As part of the project we aim to digitise as many Queensland Museum collection objects as we can to make them available online. 

Explore more Australian South Sea Islander Kastom objects in the Queensland Museum Collection.

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Scanning objects in 3D provides the chance to have a close encounter with these beautiful artefacts.

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Are you interested in being a curator? What is a curator – A curator is someone who cares for something. Curators have interesting, fun jobs that are diverse in nature. The role of a curator in museums and art galleries is to oversee collections of objects, artworks, photographs and archival documentation. They are responsible for the management and care of collections of various types, sizes, specialities and storage needs. Some of the duties of a curator include researching the collection, identifying new acquisitions, and maintaining a high standard of care through conservation and preservation of the collection. In addition to this, the more public role of a curator includes developing exhibitions and writing exhibition catalogues, and publications, working with the public and collaborating with the community, museum and industry professions across local, state, national and international platforms on various programs across the organisation.

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