Expanding education with Project DIG

Project DIG is expanding Queensland Museum's educational program making world class curriculum-aligned resources and professional development accessible to educators throughout Queensland.

I DIG Discovery

Ignite a love for science in your classroom with I DIG Discovery, a free self-paced online program for teachers and students in years 4-6.

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Digital learning resources and experiences

Spark curiosity in your classroom with digital learning resources and experiences that connect students with real Queensland Museum collections and research. Explore ancient Queensland, interact with real museum specimens and get up close with giant extinct megafauna that roamed ancient Queensland.

QM Loans

New Loan Kits powered by Project DIG focus on connecting Queensland students with knowledge and ideas about the global relevance of earth sciences – igniting imaginations, and engaging the curious minds of tomorrow’s innovators, experts and leaders.

Children working with the active earth loan kit

Active Earth loan kit

Active Earth supports the Year 6 Earth and Space Sciences curriculum with objects and equipment for hands on team investigations into earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Learners can explore how these major geological events change Earth’s surface, which a key foundation for the Year 9 science curriculum.

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Boy and girl examining fossils and minerals

Fossils, Minerals & Rocks loan kit

The Fossils, Minerals and Rocks Loan Kit adopts a learner-lead model that blends year 4 curriculum content and STEM skills into fun team investigations.

Learners work in teams on a series of challenges to conquer the quartz quest, solve the concretion conundrum and unlock the igneous key. Groups collect data, record observations, and draw conclusions based on evidence and build understanding about how the Earth’s surface changes over time in line with Australian curriculum outcomes.

Year 8 science specialists can easily adapt team tasks to gauge prior knowledge or for revision to scaffold higher learning, with igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks all covered in this kit.

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