Mike Rix

Michael Rix of Queensland Museum

Dr Mike Rix is the Principal Scientist (Terrestrial Biodiversity) and Curator of Arachnology in the Biodiversity & Geosciences Program at Queensland Museum.

Mike received his scientific training at The University of Queensland (UQ) and the University of Western Australia (UWA). He graduated with an Honours degree from UQ in 2004, and was awarded the University Medal the same year. He graduated with a PhD from UWA in 2009.

Mike works primarily on the taxonomy, systematics and evolutionary biology of Australian spiders. The overriding aim of his research is to combine phylogenetic approaches to explore biogeographic and other evolutionary problems, with revisionary taxonomic approaches to describe and conserve species.

Mike has dedicated most of his career to working with collections and to taxonomically documenting the remarkable spider faunas of Australia and the other Austral continents. His current research program is focused on the evolution and systematics of Australian mygalomorph spiders and pelican spiders. 


  • Taxonomy and systematics of Australian spiny trapdoor spiders (family Idiopidae).
  • Taxonomy and systematics of Australian open-holed trapdoor spiders (family Anamidae).
  • Taxonomy and systematics of Australian pelican spiders (family Archaeidae).
  • Demography and conservation biology of giant spiny trapdoor spiders from the southern Brigalow Belt.
  • Systematics of arid-zone Mygalomorphae.
  • Conservation of Australian spiders.

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