Karen Kindt

Karen Kindt of Queensland Museum

Karen Kindt is the Collection Manager, First Nations Cultures at Queensland Museum and is the custodian of more than 57,000 objects held in the First Nations Cultures Collections, at Queensland Museum.

Her work involves collaborating with curators, conservators and researchers, by providing access to objects and collections for the purpose of exhibitions, loans, displays, photography, research and Community visits. Her role is to care for the collections, to industry- benchmark standards. Work includes conducting collections inventories and audits, database management and input, processing new acquisitions, accessioning objects, preparing loans documentation, freight logistics, and monitoring environmental conditions of the collection spaces.

Karen has a strong focus and research interest in artefacts held in the museum’s Photography and World Cultures collections. Her ongoing research includes mapping the history of registration methods and technologies applied to the First Nations Cultures collections since 1862.


Current Research Projects

  • John Conroy Hermannsburg Watercolour Artwork Collection 2022 -2026
  • Charles & Kati Marson Ethno-musical Instrument Collection 2022 –2024

Past Research Projects

  • Maasai Community - Kiserian Arusha Tanzania/Australia 2018- 2019

Curated Exhibitions & Displays

  • Iridescent: The World of Mother-of-Pearlshell 2019
  • New Materialisms (anticipating Girrugarr)I-V by artist Danie Mellor 2019
  • James Cook: The transit of Venus 2019
  • 1960s Lounge room: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing 2019
  • World Science Festival: Collection Favourites 2018
  • World Science Festival: Collection Curiosities 2017
  • World Science Festival: Numbers & Labels 2017
  • Take a Seat: Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Burma Thailand Railway 2013
  • Button Up: Where would the world be without the humble button? 2013
  • Marion (Ellis) Rowan (1848-1922) 2013
  • Sending A Message: Traditional message sticks 2012
  • The Voyage of a Million Questions: SS Oronsay 2012

Collection Management

Queensland Museum Projects

  • Shannon Novak - Biological Exuberance 2022
  • Island Futures: What Lies Ahead For Zenadth Kes? 2021
  • Threads 2020
  • Discovery Centre - Anthropology exhibits 2019
  • Collectomania 2013
  • Bouncing Back 2012
  • Mummy’s: Secrets of the Tomb 2012
  • Gwen Gilliam: Dressed by the Best 2012
  • Awakenings: Torres Strait Island 2011

National & International Touring Exhibitions

  • Other Worlds: Visions of our Solar System - Michael Benson, America 2017
  • Freewheeling: Cycling in Australia - National Museum Australia 2014
  • Undressed: 350 Years of Underwear in Fashion - Victoria Albert Museum 2014
  • Inside Children’s Homes and Institutions - National Museum Australia 2014
  • Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures - Kabul Museum 2013
  • From Little Things Big Things Grow - National Museum Australia 2013
  • A is for Animals’ - Australian War Memorial 2012
  • Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb - British Museum 2012

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