Phillip Manning

Phillip Manning

Phillip Manning is the Senior Curator, Transport & Energy at Queensland Museum, based at Queensland Museum Rail Workshops at Ipswich.

He has experience working in state, local government and corporate cultural organisations in curatorial and collection management roles.

Throughout his career, he has curated more than 20 exhibition and led the development of numerous digital projects.

Phil’s broad areas of research and exhibition development has spanned the environment (including the impact of invasive species, the protection of the Wet Tropics rainforest and the use of Silky Oak), society and politics (including HIV-AIDS, the Fitzgerald Inquiry and incarceration), identity (including First Nations, football, fashion and rodeo), and technology (including motor cars, photography and the wool industry).

Phil aims to provide an opportunity for different perspectives of the past to be told and to connect social history collections with contemporary communities.


Lead Curator

  • Living Colour, Queensland State Archives touring exhibition, 2021
  • Toad vs Beetle: A clash in the cane, Cairns Museum and Queensland State Archives, 2019
  • Sunshine Rebooted, Queensland State Archives, 2018
  • 100% Brisbane, Museum of Brisbane, 2016
  • The view from here: The photographic world of Alfred Elliot, Museum of Brisbane, 2014
  • Birds Eye View, National Wool Museum, 2013
  • Rumour Has It, National Wool Museum, 2012
  • Wish you were here, National Wool Museum, 2012
  • Hidden Treasures, National Wool Museum, 2010
  • In Fashion: Dressing Up Brisbane, Museum of Brisbane, 2009
  • Centre Bounce: Football carvings of Dinni Kemarre and Josie Kunoth Petyarre, AFL World, 2008
  • Feathers, Fur and Fins, South Australian Museum, 2005


  • Mao’s Last Dancer the exhibition: A Portrait of Li Cunxin (with Madeleine Johns), Museum of Brisbane, 2017
  • Sit Pose Snap (with Marcel Safier), Museum of Brisbane, 2017
  • Facing World War One (with Facing Australia), Museum of Brisbane, 2016
  • Navigating Norman Creek (with Trish FitzSimons), Museum of Brisbane, 2015
  • Captured (with Michael Aird), Museum of Brisbane, 2014
  • Step Right Up (with David Seymour), National Wool Museum, 2011
  • Silky Oak (with Frank McBride), Museum of Brisbane, 2008

Digital Projects

  • HILDA – Historic Image Library Discovery Assistant (interactive with Link Interactive), Queensland State Archive, 2019
  • QSA TV (interactive with Link Interactive), Queensland State Archives, 2019
  • Place Invaders (interactive and website with Inkahoots), Queensland State Archives, 2018
  • Pac Ma’am and Copper (interactives with InVision Media), Queensland State Archives, 2018
  • Brisbane DNA (film and interactive with IV Motion), Museum of Brisbane, 2016
  • A Brisbane Story (film with William McInnes and InVision Media), Museum of Brisbane, 2016

Conference Presentations

  • Unlocking a collection through play’ Museum Next, Sydney, 2019
  • ‘Brisbane DNA, 100% Brisbane’ (with Hans van Vliet), Liberact IV, Brisbane, 2016
  • ‘Facing World War One’ Q Anzac 100 Symposia, Brisbane, 2016
  • ‘Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery and the Speaking Land interactive’ (with Chris Nobbs) Museum Australia National Conference, Canberra, 2001

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