Image of a Diopidae spider

Queensland Museum Field Guide to Queensland Fauna App

The animals found in the Australian State of Queensland are diverse and extraordinary. Detailed descriptions of animals, maps of distribution and endangered species status combine with images to provide a valuable reference that can be used in urban, bush and coastal environments. The content has been developed by the scientists at Queensland Museum in collaboration with scientists from our major partner, Museum Victoria, and all other Australian Museums.

This app holds descriptions of over 560 species encompassing birds, fishes, frogs, lizards, snakes, mammals, turtles, freshwater, marine and terrestrial invertebrates, spiders and insects including butterflies. From animals found on Queensland’s coral reefs, in rock-pools, in tropical rainforests, in deserts and in the suburbs, the habitats are hugely varied but only represent a tiny fraction of the true diversity of life in this large State. Our scientists will continue to add new species and refine this app over time.

Queensland Museum acknowledges funding provided through the Commonwealth Government’s Inspiring Australia Unlocking Australia’s Potential grant program which has allowed us to provide this app free to download and use.

Please note this app is no longer compatible with Android devices, however is still available for download from the iTunes Store for iOS users.*

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The app won't download

  1. Make sure you have enough available space on your device (iOS: Settings > General > Usage)
  2. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi
  3. If this does not solve the problem, please contact us.

The sounds won't work (iOS devices)

The mute button could be on (some apps ignore the mute button so you may still hear sounds from other apps even if the mute is on).

Apple have a support page for the side switch, but there is an easy way to check if sounds are working in the app:

  1. Plug in a set of headphones
  2. Navigate to Birds > Crimson Rosella (on iPhones tap the Audio icon, bottom right)
  3. Tap the "Crimson Rosella call" line. The play icon should change to a speaker icon.
  4. Is there sound coming through the headphones? If yes, then the device is most likely on mute. If no, and the headphones work for listening to music or another app, please contact us.

Using images/sounds from the app

If you would like to use any media in the app, please read our media credits.

Contact us

If you have a different issue or the steps above didn't help, please contact us. Along with a description of the issue, we will need to know which device you're using and which operating system is installed on your device:

  • iOS devices: go to Settings > General > About > Version

Queensland Museum gratefully acknowledges those people who have provided, without charge, images and sounds for this app, both directly to Queensland Museum and through making them available via species profiles created by other Australian museums. In particular, we thank Queensland Museum Honorary Officer, Ian Banks ( who provided a number of his underwater images to enhance this app.

Some of the images and sounds in the Field Guide to Queensland Fauna app are from the collections of Queensland Museum and the other museums involved in the Field Guide to Australian Fauna project.

If you would like to use any media in the app, please contact the copyright owner directly via the links below.

If the image or sound you wish to use is held by Queensland Museum, or by a party not listed below, please contact us via our Media Image Request Form.

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