Museum Biological Specimen Preparation (BSP) Toolkit


In the Enforceable Undertaking (EU), Queensland Museum committed to engaging with stakeholders to develop a Museum BSP Toolkit. This will continue to be done by engaging with museum staff, industry, government agencies, potential beneficiaries and other relevant stakeholders.

This Toolkit is developed as a source of information for taxidermists and museums that prepare vertebrate specimens for collection. This package contains a series of information sheets and methods that can be used to safely prepare biological specimens. Biological specimens can present a zoonotic risk for those collecting and preparing the specimen and others that are nearby. This Toolkit focuses on the safe preparation of vertebrate specimens, however certain invertebrate specimens also present zoonotic risks.

Please note: this Toolkit does not address the requirements for authority or permits to collect specimens. The restrictions are managed and enforced by government agencies based on the location or origin of the specimen and the agency collecting the specimens.

Two macropod kangaroo skeletons


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