Image of display cases featured in The Butterfly Man of Kuranda exhibition at Queensland Museum

The Butterfly Man of Kuranda: The Dodd Collection virtual tour

Explore The Butterfly Man of Kuranda: The Dodd Collection from anywhere in the world with our virtual tour. Navigate around the exhibition to view the featured showcases.

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the esteemed F.P. and A.P. Dodd Collection of Tropical Insects from Australia and New Guinea, part of the Queensland Museum’s State Collection.

Displayed over the course of three rotations with 27 meticulously arranged showcases, dating from the early 1900s to the 1960s, discover a world brimming with mesmerising creatures.

Each display captures the essence and allure of these rare specimens, reigniting a deep appreciation for the art and science of collecting.

Rotation one

The first suite of cases from the Dodd Collection on display in this virtual tour includes the 'Grand Parade', featuring beautiful metallic Christmas beetles, flower chafers and stag beetles artfully arranged in mesmerising concentric circles.

Rotation two

The second rotation of the Dodd Collection includes a showcase of nocturnal moths in beautiful muted, pastel shades, including the rare ghost moths of the genus Aenetus.

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