Triassic New World

New World

Triassic Period (252-201 million years ago) 

The first five million years of the Triassic was a period of recovery which saw emergence of new plant communities and many new amphibians.  Australia was close to the South Pole, but warm conditions allowed for the development of plant communities after the recovery.

Vast river systems covered much of eastern Australia and a violent volcanic chain ran down the eastern coast. Coal deposits developed in the Middle Triassic and the first Dinosaurs made their appearance the first dinosaurs made their appearance at the time. By late Triassic the continent had changed. The violent volcanic chain ceased its activity and the continent stabilised to its more modern form.

Towards the end of the Triassic the first dinosaurs appeared. Fossil footprints of dinosaurs have been found from the Ipswich Coal Measures. The footprints indicate the presence of large saurischian dinosaurs. Living alongside the dinosaurs were a range of strange creatures including primitive reptiles, lungfish and amphibian temnospondyls.