AR Dinosaurs - Group D

Pallimnarchus / Paludirex*

Scientific name: Pallimnarchus / Paludirex* (uncertain taxonomy)
Age: 4 million — 40,000 years ago
Size: 67 metres long
Location: Found across central, eastern and northern Australia

Pallimnarchus is a giant freshwater crocodile with a thick skull, large conical teeth, and thick square armour plates called osteoderms. It was a large vertebrate hunter and part of the extinct crocodile group called mekosuchine crocodilians which inhabited Australian inland rivers and lakes during the Pliocene and Pleistocene epochs. Currently two species known. Recently a new name has been proposed for specimens referred to as PallimnarchusPaludirex is another name that has been proposed. 

Instructions on AR usage: Tap the AR Button to view this creature life-size in AR. Aim phone at well-lit spot on floor and wait for load. When done, close view and use browser back-button to return to this page.
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