Your support can help our network of museums inspire curiosity and deepen knowledge, using our remarkable collections to share Queensland’s stories with the world and bring the world’s stories to Queensland.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Learn more about our work below.

Queensland Museum Network is the custodian of the State Collection: a magnificent assemblage of millions of significant cultural objects, natural history specimens and geological treasures, many of which have been generously donated by individual collectors and enthusiasts.

To make a cultural gift to Queensland Museum Network is to make a gift that will be seen and studied by future generations, deepening our knowledge and appreciation of the world around us.

The State Collection holds a diverse range of objects which contribute to our technological, mechanical, scientific and social history collections — items such as toys, clothing, household items, ceramics, manuscripts, cars, furniture, fossils and specimens. What connects these objects is the role they play in telling the stories of Queensland’s cultural and natural history.

How to make a cultural gift
If you are interested in making a cultural gift, we invite you to contact the Queensland Museum Foundation to discuss your intentions in the first instance.

Cultural gifts to Queensland Museum are accepted in accordance with our Cultural Gift Guidelines.

Queensland Museum is a participating institution in the Federal Government's Cultural Gifts Program which provides tax incentives to encourage Australians to donate culturally significant items from private collections to public art galleries, museums, libraries and archives.

Please be aware that the museum cannot accept every item for donation. If we are unable to accept your gift, it may be of interest to specialist museums or collectors.

Contact Foundation

Thank you to our philanthropic supporters whose generosity and commitment make it possible for us to inspire discovery, care for our collections and share Queensland’s remarkable stories.

Founder Donors
Avril Quaill
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Valmay Hill Robert Charteris
Rachel Leung
Tennille Chase
Prof Margaret Sheil AO Joanne Clark
Dr Jim Thompson PSM Kerry Cody
Ashby Utting Foundation Marina Couchman
  David Dean
Charles Coxon Circle
Peter Denham
Bolton-Cardell family in memory of William Bolton MBE Criodan Dunford
The late Joe Francese Michael Dyer
The late Peter John Fry Dorothy Farrell
The late Vera Thiess Daniel Feeney
The Harry West Memorial Fund Patrice Fogarty
The late Thora Whitehead Greg Gola
  Victoria Green
Cultural Gifts Program Bronwyn Harch
Robert Brownhall Mark Heaney
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  Cathy James
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  Jiordana Maltby
  Paul Marangelli
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  Public Trustee Community Funds
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  Graham Palmer
  Lynette Parsons
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  Matthew Power
  Alan Rix
  Ian Rix
  Dr Peter Rothlisberg
  Christopher Salter
  Samantha Searle
  David Smith
  Claire Speedie
  Donna Tanner
  Catherine Taylor
  Jegan Thanapalasingam
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  Julie Toussaint
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  Humayun Yousaf

Queensland Museum Network also thanks those who have chosen to support it anonymously.

Your support makes our work possible

We share Queensland’s stories with the world and bring the world’s stories to Queensland. Donate now to support Queensland Museum Network’s scientific and cultural research, collections, exhibitions and learning programs across Queensland. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.


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