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Extreme Adaptations

Monday to Friday during school term

Year 5 & 6

Science - Biological Sciences

Facilitated by museum staff

60 minutes per session, rotations for large groups will require a reset period.

Queensland Museum Tropics, Townsville


$7.50 per student
28 students per session

Book in for our facilitated school program Extreme Adaptations where students explore how animals and plants have adapted to live in natural environments.

Program overview

This facilitated school program introduces students to a variety of natural environments, including the deep sea, mangroves and rainforest. Here, students will discover some of the unique and fascinating animals and plants that have adapted to call these places home. Students will then work collaboratively, using their creativity and knowledge of these adaptations, to design a new species and present it to the group.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • recognise and understand the function of adaptations that enable living things to survive in extreme environments
  • differentiate between behavioural and structural adaptations
  • identify the environmental factors that influence adaptations and how changes in these factors might impact the survival of living things
  • describe and communicate their understanding of these features through verbal explanation and drawings/diagrams.

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