Flatlay of watercolour paintings

Watercolour Essentials with Libby Derham

This event is no longer running

Two day workshop from 9:30am - 4:30pm 

Recomended for ages 16+

Queensland Museum Kurilpa, Entry via level 2


Tutor: Libby Derham

This two-day course provides a solid introduction to learning to paint with watercolour. Using nature as the source of our inspiration, you will be guided through a series of practical exercises, experiments, and projects. Students will learn about paints, brushes and papers, the different properties of pigments and a series of techniques for applying watercolour paint to paper. You will learn a new skill and technique, developing a strong foundation for a watercolour art practice.

Watercolour Essentials is the first course of a 4-part series and is a recommended /prerequisite for the follow-on courses Watercolour Two, Three and Four.

Learning outcomes:

Practical knowledge and experience in using a variety of watercolour materials and equipment: paper, paints, brushes, palette.

An understanding of basic colour theory, the core concepts of the initial stages (use a palette, mix colour, loaded brush & paint application) of the watercolour process through practical experience in techniques like wet-in-wet, water control, transparency, graded washes, colour, hue, intensity, tone, and texture.

Core knowledge and experience to render a three-dimensional form in paints through the application of values, light and shadow, graduated tones, use of wet-in-wet and various techniques to add shape and form.

An understanding and ability to apply perspective in artworks in relation to botanical foreshortening, atmospheric perspective using warm and cool colours, the observation and painting of nature subjects.

The ability to complete several worksheets and apply various watercolour techniques to develop a collection of charts and colour wheels for a ready reference (“toolbox”). This will contribute towards more independent practice in Watercolour TWO and beyond (Masterclasses).

Level of course/workshop:

This course is suitable for beginner painters aged 16+ and those wanting to revise their fundamental watercolour skills and knowledge. No knowledge or experience of watercolour is necessary.

This workshop is facilitated by NatureArt Lab. Established in 2017, NatureArt Lab is the premier natural science art and illustration organisation in Australia. NatureArt Lab offers a range of art and photography courses in Brisbane including drawing foundation studies, watercolour, printmaking, wildlife and botanical art programs.

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