smoking ceremony in brooweena

Celebrate NAIDOC Week at Queensland Museum

Queensland Museum recognises and embraces the rich history and culture of Australia’s First Nations peoples. We stand as an Ally of First Nations peoples and commit to represent and respectfully showcase the contributions and stories of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples through our research, exhibitions and programming.

Join us in celebrating NAIDOC Week 2024 from 7 to 14 July - “Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud”! – and honouring the enduring strength and vitality of First Nations culture – with fire a symbol of connection to Country, to each other, and to the rich tapestry of traditions that define Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Queensland Museum will be hosting NAIDOC events on each of our sites and invite you to participate in one of the events near you.

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Discover Queensland Museum's NAIDOC Week 2024 events across our four museums.

Queensland Museum Kurilpa, Brisbane

Books being read at storytime
First Nations Children's Book Reading

Through a selection of stories by First Nations authors and retelling of traditional stories from First Nations communities we celebrate the history and culture of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Queensland Museum Rail Workshops, Ipswich

Queensland Museum Cobb+Co, Toowoomba

Queensland Museum Tropics, Townsville

5 First Nations males dancing and completing a smoking ceremony out the front of the museum
NAIDOC Week School's Program

Classes are invited to this community-led program designed to enrich your student’s learning, appreciation and perspective of First Nations history and culture.

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