A display of geological specimens from the queensland museum collection

Minerals: Inspirational Treasures from the Earth

Permanent exhibition

Recommended for all ages

Queensland Museum Kurilpa, Mezzanine Level



Explore Minerals: Inspirational Treasures from the Earth which includes more than 230 rare minerals and gems from around Australia and the world.

Minerals are the naturally occurring chemical compounds that make up our planet. They can form beautiful and perfect crystals by slow growth over geological time.

From the largest crystal, a large mass of Gypsum from Mt Elliot, weighing in at 160 kilograms and measuring 1.5 meters long to the smallest specimen, a tiny 5mm cube-shaped single crystal of diamond — you’ll be in awe of these incredible natural creations.

Celebrate the beauty and diversity of the mineral world and explore a complete rainbow of colours including, purple amethyst and fluorite, blue azurite, green malachite, yellow sulphur, orange crocoite and red cinnabar just to name a few.

Key specimens are from the Joe Francese Collection, one of the largest and most comprehensive collections amassed by an individual collector in Australia, mineral specimens from the Mineral Heritage Museum, and other private collections.

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