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Biodiversity & Classification

This program is unavailable in 2024 as we trial new options for visiting schools

Years 7 – 12

Biology - Science
Program is modified for different year levels, to fit the relevant curriculum.

Facilitated by museum staff

45 minutes per session, rotations for large groups will require a reset period.

Queensland Museum Kurilpa


$6 per student
Minimum 20 students
Supervising adults free

Biodiversity & Classification sees students observing and discussing real specimens as they pursue an understanding of biodiversity in the natural world.

Program overview

During this program Discovery Centre staff share real-life experience and knowledge in this overview of animal diversity and the museum’s collections. Students engage in discussions and observations while exploring real specimens to develop an understanding of biodiversity in the natural world.

This Secondary School program is tailored to suit the year level and to support the Science and Biology curriculum. The program can also be modified to include an exploration of particular animal group (e.g. birds, reptiles) or themes (e.g. marine biology). Please identify any requests for a customised program at your time of booking.

Sessions conclude in the Discovery Centre with time allocated for continued student exploration.

Students have access to specimens arranged in a systematic format, assisting their understanding of:

  • identification
  • biodiversity
  • classification and taxonomy
  • evolutionary relationships.

Learning outcomes

Students will:

  • investigate the biodiversity of the animal kingdom
  • explore museum practices such as collecting, preserving and describing specimens
  • understand the relevance of collections and what can be learned from them
  • conduct “fieldwork” within a contained learning environment, including classifying a group of animals.

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