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Investigating Insects

This program is unavailable in 2024 as we trial new options for visiting schools

Prep – Year 5

Program delivery is adjusted to suit students' learning from Years P – 5.

Facilitated by museum staff

Allow 30 minutes, rotations for large groups will require a reset period.

Queensland Museum Kurilpa


$6 per student
Minimum 20 students
Supervising adults free

In Investigating Insects, students can find out how to tell if an animal is an insect and what makes them so special.

Program overview

How can we tell if an animal is an insect? What makes them so special?

In this program, students will: 

  • investigate insect specimens just like a museum scientist
  • learn why museums collect and study these amazing animals
  • explore insects up close with museum collections and real, live insects!

Investigating Insects complements the Science strands of the Australian Curriculum: Investing Insects for Prep – Year 5 curriculum links

Learning outcomes

Students will: 

  • develop understanding that living things have basic needs such as food, water, and shelter
  • explore and observe living things using your senses and share observations and ideas
  • identify external features of insects and compare observations with others
  • participate in guided investigations to answer questions and develop skills to sort information
  • develop understanding that living things have life cycles: they grow, change, and have offspring similar to themselves
  • develop understanding that living things have specific physical features and adaptations that help them to survive in their environment.

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